Performing since 2009.

Our company has been developing the general directions of its operation in the field of commercial services and logistics solutions for companies in the B2B market. We have been initially designing and implementing efficient engineering chains and increasing the economic efficiency of projects.

2012. The beginning of reconstruction on the territory of the manufacturing zone - ‘Technopark’. The reconstruction took three general stages:

The designing and building of a new facility #3 with the total area of 2600 square metres on the technopark territory. The facility included a drive-up and unloading ramp, general manufacturing module, pallet storage, accommodation and office spaces. During the construction, modern engineering solutions for the establishment of the non-stop manufacturing cycle were employed. The facility spaces are fully equipped with the ventilation system, dust-free floors system, and are secured with the energy-saving and manufacture security technologies.
Starting from 2013, the main manufacture facility #2 with a total area of 5,680 square metres has been modernized. Interior spaces were reconstructed, drive-up and unloading ramps were built. Internal engineering systems (gas pipeline, plumbing, electricity, ventilation system, filtration system) were fully replaced, fire alarm and camera security systems were introduced..
Modernization of exterior (outdoor) interior systems of the facility. Maintained and modernized were also the plumbing, sewage, electric network, and gas pipe systems. Interior drive-up ways were worked on. Office and lab buildings were maintained and repaired.

2014. An automobile logistics facility was designed.

The modern logistics facility with a total area of 30,000 square meters was fully developed and approved on the 100,000 square meters manufacture territory. The works on the development of transportation and logistics infrastructure of the Tula region were conducted.


The company takes part in the analysis of tech solutions of Chinese hardware manufacture companies for the production of absorbent carbon during the Carbon project.
We inspected the documentation concerning the involved tech and hardware provided by manufacturers. June 2015, the working group visited China. The company employees went to factories, learned the nuances of the manufacture process and materials being used. We also received detailed consultations and the technical documentation from the manufacturer. Two general manufacturers were selected as partners as a result of the trip:
  1. XingyuanGrup Building, City, Hebei China.
  2. Qingdao Guanbaolin Activated Carbon Co,. Ltd, Jiaozhou City, Shandong province, China.
Along with the selection of equipment, we had continued our studies on the subject of the absorbent carbon and its usage, as well as the usage of similar elements in the Chinese agriculture. We have also established professional contacts with the producers of agricultural products based on the capacities of the greenhouse facilities located in the Weifang area, the central part of the Shandong province.
As a part of the Organic project based in the ‘Technopark’ facility, the technological line of organomineral fertilizers production was established based on the contract with Guanbaolin Co., Ltd: of Qingdao, China. The company had also selected ground assets with the total area of over 300 ha for the possible organization of a research facility for studying and testing fertilizers of the new generation. The engineering project was developed to provide this area with the utility and traffic infrastructure.
The visit of the government delegation led by Weifang head Deputy Mr. Sun Qisheng.


The participation in the 17th Chinese international vegetable farming science and hardware fair in Shouguang, Shandong province. We learned about new tech solutions, new kinds of vegetables and achievements in the greenhouse vegetable growing as well as in other practices. The separate question was the employment of organic and mineral fertilizers in new technologies and the implementation of technical aspects in using such fertilizers.


1) Technical study of the European equipment and applied technology.
Groupe Cocerill Maintenanse & Ingenierie, Liège - BELGIUM
2) We started technical support of the GPM Clear Water project.
Production quality control, installation, maintenance and operation of commercial equipment.