The water is being so unique, standing detachedly in our Planet’s history. There isn’t any natural substance that could compare to its impact on the most geological processes. With every passing day the conceptualization of water pricelessness is getting more evident to planet’s inhabitants. The wealth of any given is typically being evaluated by the fact of its oil deposits possession. But still, when you compare the price of water in the nearest supermarket to the price of the petrol at the hithermost fuel station: isn’t it manifesting water’s price is twice as higher? water makes the average of 89-90% of plants’ mass and 75% of animals’ mass. The human body in turn contains up to 65% of water. Water is an obligatory contributor to biochemic processes that take place in the nature, so not any kind of life activity is possible without it.
It was an error to think the humankind possessing the inexhaustibility of fresh water resources, enough to satisfy all the demands. It is not the water shortage that’s going to be a trouble. A real big issue is going to be a clear water deficit. Despite the fact that 75% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, and we have 97,5% of water being concentrated in the oceans, and only 2.5% of all the water is fresh. Talking about fresh water it should be mentioned, that 70% of freshwater is being contained in the glaciers, and out of those 30% left available only 1% is considered to be uncontaminated (meaning that just about 0,007% of total world’s water amount can be harmlessly used by a human without any additional purification). 70% of suitable water is consumed for irrigation, 22% is utilized by industry and only 0.08% is used for everyday life.